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Graduates are building the bank of the future

A Manchester investment

Fingerprint technology, digital zones and more. Our state-of-the-art Manchester branch is designed to inspire our customers, and it’s our graduates who helped make it a reality.


There are a few features that might surprise you:

For customers to make faster payments on our fixed iPads and receive in-branch expertise to support their banking needs.

State-of-the-art safety deposit rooms
The safety deposit viewing rooms use ground-breaking biometric fingerprint technology for customers to store their valuable possessions.

The Business Hub
Our Business Hub provides customers and local start-up businesses with specialist support and a professional space where they can work, network, learn and run their own events. There’s even an on-site Business Connector – an advisor who helps to build a community of local businesses by connecting business owners to local sources of advice, funding and training.


What’s the word on the inside?

James Hope has been supporting the project as a Graduate since May, and now he’s been promoted to the role of Assistant Branch Manager. He says:

“Initially I was brought in to help support the development of the project, and now I’m Assistant Branch Manager. I help with the day-to-day running – some people know me as the go-to ‘techy guy’.”

Bank Manager Richard Forster joined Lloyds Banking Group in 2001, and after working on the project from the start, he’s now heading up the day-to-day operations. He says:

“I didn’t think Lloyds Banking Group would ever be pioneering the use of biometric technology in banking – it’s completely reshaping the way that customers interact with their safety deposit box.”


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