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Being employable: what does it really mean?

How your hobbies can help start your career

If you’re looking for an entry-level job or a graduate scheme, you might already have heard how employers will look at your employability skills. If you have skills and attributes suitable for work, and the potential to be a good employee, then you’re said to be employable. So, what skills and attributes do employers look for?

Understand what employers want

There are some basic things that pretty much all employers want. They need people who can manage their time well, who can stay motivated, and who can work with and communicate well with other members of their team. They’ll also be interested in whether you have other skills like adaptability, flexibility and leadership.

At Lloyds Banking Group, we’re interested in what makes you who you are. Are you a music fan or a foodie? A baker or a basketball player? The skills and strengths you’ve learned through your passions will be hugely valuable at work.


Build skills through your passions

Take Shyam. He’s a powerlifter, and has found that the qualities he’s developed in the gym are essential at work. “I’m often looking to squat a few extra pounds or shave a few seconds off my training runs,” he says. “It’s in the little things about being in the gym that make a difference, like challenging myself to perform better. Get them right and the big things have a way of taking care of themselves.”


Discover how far you can go

At LBG, when you bring your strengths and passions into our team, we’ll help you develop them – and new ones too. We’ll provide tools, support and inspiration – including mentors, training, qualifications and volunteering opportunities – to make sure you can develop yourself and your career.

So, are you ready to show us just how employable you are?

Find out more by applying for one of our graduate schemes or internships.


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