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HR Graduate Louis Jameson shares his experience

Louis Jameson - Assistant Manager Group Disability Programme

I joined Lloyds Banking Group on the HR Graduate Leadership Programme in 2013 and wanted to share this video, made whilst I was a Graduate, so that others can hear my experiences, understand the adjustments Lloyds Banking Group made for me and hopefully allay any concerns they might have about visual impairment.

The video was made in 2015 however and I wanted to include this blog, to bring things up to date and provide some additional insights. Once my Graduate Programme ended I secured my dream role in the Disability Programme, which I am still doing 3.5 years on and feel I make a real difference to our customers and colleagues with a disability.

Over this time, I have had to adapt and Lloyds Banking Group has helped me with this. Firstly, the decline in my vision was causing me severe headaches and making using my screen magnifier increasingly challenging. To support me manage my disability my manager and I agreed that I could work more flexibly, and we also added giving up Zoomtext to my development plan. To aid with this, I had additional training to use JAWS screen reader and we explored what moving away from my screen would make more challenging in my role and reviewed the activities I undertake, to play to my strengths.

As it turned out, all we had to do was make allowance in the short-term for reduced productivity whilst I became better with JAWS – factored into my performance review. Once I made the seismic step to just JAWS, it took only a few months for me to be back up at full capacity – the greatest benefit from an eye operation! This change helped with my headaches and I was able to develop strategies for better managing them too.

As you will see in the video, my guide dog Fleur was key to my success, as a vital mobility aid for me. When she passed away in January 2017, it was obviously heart-breaking, but I was also 6 months without a dog and this really knocked my confidence travelling from Bristol to London and the like. Again, Lloyds Banking Group raised to the occasion and we reduced my travel and to ensure I didn’t miss a team meeting, allowed me to have a taxi to London. As my team work remotely, my team made sure to visit me in Bristol, so that I didn’t feel isolated and could still work collaboratively.

I hope you found my story and video helpful.

View the video here:


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