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Meet Tom Cronin

A physics and astronomy graduate, Tom began his career at Lloyds Banking Group thinking that it would only be a short-term job. Six years later, he’s still here – and making a huge impact with our colleagues and customers.

“I immediately enjoyed the culture here, and I was impressed by our values and our focus on being the best bank for customers,” Tom says. It’s this passion for customer service that led him to a role in digital analytics and data science, where he builds models that use customer information to create better experiences and journeys.

Pioneering new programs for better customer service

Tom hated coding when he started. He never thought he’d have a career in digital. But he soon realised that coding for a purpose he believed in was the secret to enjoying the work. A great example is the software program pioneered and built by Thomas to help us offer customers better solutions.

“It’ll help us become a better bank for our customers,” Tom says. “And it’s an example of what we can achieve when we have multi-functional teams working in a seamless way, with an unwavering focus on the customer.”

An entrepreneurial approach to innovation

While Tom created the program with the help of a small team, he knew he could always depend on a wider support network. It’s a way of working he attributes to the strong team mentality here, as well as the trust we put in people to do what they’re best at. He believes this drives people to achieve even more and pushes innovation throughout the business.

“There’s a good balance of stretch and support here,” he explains. “You have the freedom to stretch yourself and pick up projects you’ve never done before but you know that you’ve always got your support network operating behind the scenes.”

There’s also a really strong focus on the career development. “We’re always asking ourselves, ‘How can we support people so they can further their careers? How do we give everyone a development plan?’” Tom says. “There’s a real focus on on-the-job training to help people learn and develop new skills so they can build the career they want.”

Making a difference to friends and family

While creating innovative new digital solutions is exciting, it’s the opportunity to make a difference to our customers that really drives Tom. And because we’re the UK’s largest digital bank, many of his friends and family are our customers – which is why he feels so strongly about improving their banking experience.

“I like that I can go to my friends and ask, ‘Have you ever applied for a Lloyds Banking Group product? You used a model I built,” Tom says. “Working with the Group means I can impact and help more people.”

If you share Tom’s passion for innovative solutions and great customer experience, join us. Take a look at our Data Science and Software Engineering graduate schemes.


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