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The apprentice creating tech for millions

Joshua Bray

The tech wizard who’s changing the way we approve mortgages

Joshua Bray LBG

Speaking in front of a big audience, coding new solutions for banking and doing a job interview in a hotel lobby – LBG Apprentice Joshua Bray reflects on his journey with us so far.

Career ready

"Halfway through my A levels, I joined the Career Ready programme. It provided me with a mentor and the opportunity to do an internship. It was a good introduction to LBG and I applied for an apprenticeship. University has always been a back-up idea, there's too much theory for me. I prefer being practical."

Lobbying for the job

"My video interview was a little bit different. I had to do it from a hotel lobby in sunny Spain. I was on holiday at the time, so thankfully LBG let me do it from the hotel. Definitely not the norm, but it worked out just fine!"

Bringing out the best in you

Confidence is the biggest thing the LBG Apprenticeship has helped me to build. I've led loads of presentations here, and you're given all the support you need. Recently, I spoke in front of around 200 students at a careers event in Manchester. That was a big challenge for me but it went really well."

From five days to two minutes

"My biggest project has been coding a new way for us to process mortgage applications. Essentially, our mortgage teams deal with lots of paperwork before they can assess someone for a mortgage. My team and I coded functionality where they can upload documents instead of manually going through them. We've cut the response lead time from five days to two minutes!"

Application tips

"Enjoy your assessment centre! Some of the exercises might not seem directly related to banking, but give them your all. For example, we had to build a bridge out of newspaper and sellotape - it's just a way for the interviewers to see your personality."


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